Other Albums

Dave has been involved in many albums over the years.

1 Self Produced:

We will proclaim003

We will proclaim.
Recording this album was a mammoth task without proper recording facilities.
It featured some classic early tunes such as “I stand before You” and “I love You Lord because You first loved me”.
It was very much a tape based project though for some of the tracks an early software drum machine was utilised – programmed by Tim Bushell.
Reverb was natural using the rather pleasant ambience of the large ‘sanctuary’ part of Plymouth Christian Centre.


I believe005

I believe.
After leaving Bible College, Dave had a fresh set of tunes and ideas to develop. This was the early 90s and digital technology was beginning to creep into the way music was made.
Sequences were mingled with real instruments on a tape based 4 track machine. Vocals were added and the whole mixed to a conclusion.
This album featured the absolute classic “Jesus how we love You” along with Bible College anthem “We proclaim Him” which made it to the Elim Bible week that year too.
Only ever available on Cassette, this album helped Dave to hone some of the techniques for producing an album.


Run deep006

Run Deep.
Very much a follow up to I believe and recorded in a very similar fashion, this album included some hot PCC favourites such as “Piercing the darkness”, I will fight the good fight” and slowies such as “Your name is peace” and “Holy, holy, holy”.
Again this album was only ever released on Cassette.

Breakout (Tape shortie)
This was a memento album for people to buy cheaply during the Elim international missions Breakout tour, a tour which went to a significant number of Elim churches across the UK – from the southwest, to the southeast – to parts of Wales, to the North and on into Scotland and even a brief visit to N. Ireland.
The tour was based around a concept dreamt up by Paul Stevens – very visual and hooked to a slide show synced (using 3 projectors – very prone to tantrums too) to a music track with a voice over. The ‘story’ was unfolded in 3 acts. To create the music I teamed up with Anthony Silcock to get some creative idea input. We were now using a computer for sequencing and obtained sounds for it from my workhorse V50 and Anthony’s brilliant Roland SC55. The live show/service included me teaching “Piercing the darkness” as well as singing “Take a cold hard look” and that would normally come just before Brian Edwards (the Missions director) spoke/preached making an appeal for help for the cause of international missions – not just about money but about asking people if they felt a call to go.
The tape thus featured the two songs mentioned on one side and the music from Act 3 of the presentation on the other. It’s a 10 minute instrumental, though with a reprise of the chorus of “Take a cold hard look” about 2/3 of the way through.

Tears fall Like Rain.
This album was the first to go digital. Having hired in an ADAT to make the recordings, there were huge benefits in track count.
But this was an album skilfully crafted as two ‘sides’ of an LP/Tape to be of equal length and to segue one track to another. Whilst each side is several songs, the actual sequencing was done to include the joins and crossfades. Sound changes were programmed in and the mix pre-worked. Guitars and Vocals were added after the sequences were laid down on the ADAT. The sounds came courtesy of a new Yamaha W7 workstation with piano expansion card.
Original released as a cassette to the good folks of PCC late in Dave’s ministry there, it was re-mixed to DAT and then properly mastered and then released on CD to aid Dave’s developing ministry at KT.
Stand out songs on this album have to be “I have been lifted up”, “Living Sacrifice” and “Send us the rain, Lord”.

The Place.
Having found a niche leading worship with IBIOL and the School of Creative Ministries at KT, this album comes out of some deeply intimate and intense sessions of worship where songs were birthed then later honed and introduced to the same crowds of students. Some songs crossed over into KT itself, such as “All that I want”, “I will sing of Your love” and absolute classic “Falling”.


2 Working with others.

Early days:

Back in the Plymouth era of tapes Dave did a lot of recording work with Lin Nicholls whose silky smooth voice also appears on so many of Dave’s trax. They also duetted a lot, led worship together, wrote songs and worked in various bands.

Painted Rainbows.

Eagles Wings



Every Nation, Every Tongue.

To the One.


Dave’s vocals appear on recent KT project “More than Enough” and his guitar on Jonathan Miller’s album “King of all”