This side of Heaven



Let’s talk about Christmas.

It’s a season like no other, heavy with the weight of excited expectancy. Whilst many would want to claim it as their own, no one gives it quite the colour as does the story of advent and incarnation. Jesus came as the promised one to a family in the middle of occupied and troubled land and his arrival caused ripples across all time, even into today.

The songs of the CD explore this timeless and yet timely story as it unfolds.

In mastering the album, the engineer who had mastered three other Christmas CDs just previous said that it was the only one that left him feeling Christmassy.

I hope you get to feel Christmassy as you listen to it. Several tracks stand out, notably the carol “Immanuel” and the anthemic “I believe”.

Available as a CD and now on most on-line music services, iTunes etc.