Which song are you singing

Whenever I have taught on the topic of worship, things inevitably turn to reshaping our thoughts towards it being a whole life activity. It’s an easy thought to shape and to have, but it is much harder to interpret into concrete activity. 
A part of this has been that we have needed to do the reshaping because the modern church has become preoccupied with worship as being something we sing. 
Ah, such songs, such anthems, such beauty, such lyricism, the stuff of transcendence that lifts us higher and gives us aspirations and strength to see them through. But when the service ends and the music finishes we walk out and feel strangely left on our own. So we struggle to fill that with noise and sound, music from our iPods and other devices which seems to fill every waking moment and which cuts us off from life in a larger community. No one talks to you – they’re all to busy filling the void. 
But is that music actually helping us to be who we are? 
I guess for many the answer is a qualified yes. 
It is always good to fill our minds with good things, and our hearts with compassion and grace, after all, out of the heart, the mouth speaks, and speak we must especially those words of Grace which have been missing for so long in a world that has been trained to hear what we stand against! We stand FOR grace and with grace and in grace.
Yet our worship is more than our song. 
Maybe it would help if we thought of the rhythms of our lives as being a beat, and the activities we have to do as the chords and harmonies, and the things we say, seasoned with grace, as the melody of our worship. 
Which brings us to our title. When people watch you do they see the annoying barrier of your usually white headphones and wonder what you are listening to, or do they see the song of your life and want to join in?

Could this be the kind of worship we need to be engaging in?