I’ll Wait For You

In late 2018 I had a chat with Andy Baker who was looking to stir up more songs from within the local church for the local church worldwide.

I felt that this was something whose time was right and I opted to join in with a group of songwriters who were helping to build some momentum for Homegrown Worship. You can read more of Andy’s heart and the story of Homegrown Worship and this link will also allow you to join their mailing list to stay informed about the future developments. You can catch the story of the various writers there too as their songs go public throughout the year.

Then, in a flurry of late year activity we submitted demos and started working on polishing, upgrading and re-recording them for radio ready release in 2019.

I was rather humbled to discover it would be me who would be picked to spearhead the new batch of songs for 2019 with ‘I’ll wait for You’. I was subsequently completely delighted to find that the song has been so well received, being taken up by many websites and making the Premier Christian Radio A-list playlist. You can catch it below – be sure to listen to it all – surprises await.

The intention for these songs is not just that they will provide you with a great listening experience but also that you can be equipped with all you might need to play it for yourself – here then is the lyric/chord chart.

I’ll wait for You

If you pop over to Homegrown Worship you’ll be able to access more detail about the song and how I wrote it.

Deep Joy