Graduating to a global reach


If you think the website has been rather static for the last while, you’d be right. I’ve been focussing on studies for an M.Th. and I should get the results back soon. But here’s me leading a stalwart band of fabulous musicians, singers and technicians at Malvern Priory for the 2016 Graduation of Regent’s Theological College. I will be suitably robed and doing my fair share of ‘doffing’ next year.

In other news, not only is Glory & Fire available by CD, but it is available through all of the usual on-line sources. You can search for me on any of your favourite digital music providers and you should find me. Yeay!!

I also took the decision this year to make “This side of Heaven” available on-line as well. You can feel all warm and fuzzy this year listening to the marvellous Welliesongs of Christmas through your on-line providers, be that iTunes, Amazon or . . . That means digital copies available right to you pretty much anywhere in the world. You’re welcome !

You could try this YouTube video for starters: